We’ve been carrying Eva Sonaike’s lifestyle brand for some time now, and it’s been getting so much attention lately for it’s bright colours and beautiful patterns that we’ve decided it was about time we showcased it on the blog. So without further ado…

Eva Sonaike is a London-based lifestyle brand producing luxurious home décor. From interior design solutions to cushions, textiles, fashion accessories and more, their mission is simple: “Bringing colour to life”.

Creative Director Eva Sonaike graduated with an MA in Fashion from the London College of Fashion, where she specialized in contemporary African fashion and African textiles. Her passion for African textiles is obvious when looking at any piece from her collections. The textiles Eva uses remind us of African Dutch Wax and Artist Yinka Shonibare.

“Eva, who was born and raised in Germany and is of Nigerian origin, has taken the best elements of those two cultures to inspire her work – her designs draw from the two distinct influences of colorful African clothing culture and European antique and mid century furniture traditions. Emphasis is placed on hand finishing, distinct designs and high quality manufacturing…”

We carry a selection of Eva Sonaike’s cushions, notebooks, and hand-bags. Come in and take a look! Or visit our ONLINE SHOP.
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We just thought we’d share some of our gift ideas with you over the next few weeks coming up to the holidays. Here is our first idea, which is stocking filler themed! (We can’t wait for the holidays)…

Scarf by Bindya

Necklace by Vida

Ring by Melanie Lynn

Clutch by Claire Vivier

Notebook by Eva Sonaike

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It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you: LANA DEL REY

We are completely swooning over this. Completely. Got Lana on repeat like woah. We wanted to share this music video for Videogames by Lana Del Rey with you because there’s something just so hauntingly beautiful about it – and her voice. HER VOICE!. She has a style and beauty that is not of this time, the whole vibe has got me feeling like I’ve been sent back to the 60’s. And I love it.

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